Wholesale Supplements and Increase Your Residual Income


If you are a holistic therapist or you have a holistic business, you can increase your residual Income by selling wholesale supplements from NutraOrgana. We don’t have hundreds of products like many other supplement companies, we have a few and the few we have actually work and give individuals real results.



We have made it our commitment to master a problem whilst developing the health solution. That’s why when you sell our wholesale supplements, you can be assured that you are selling a product that has been tested in the real world and has been developed by a holistic physician with over 40 years experience in the Holistic Health Industry.

You can earn between 12-15 USD per bottle, If you sold 10 a week, that’s $150 extra per week and $7800 per year in residual earnings. 


Apply To Sell Our Wholesale Supplements Below

Please fill in the application form below to be able to open your holistic wholesale account. One of our staff members will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the product and ensure you are suitable to distribute our Nutra Organa holistic supplements.