The Benefits of a Bio-Nutritional Testing

Mainstream medicine utilizes blood tests to give them markers for finding possible health conditions. If the markers show up positive, sometimes extensive alternative testing is required. Blood work is quantitative and only measures your levels that day.  It does not give you any information on the functional biochemistry of the body.  It cannot tell you how your body is digesting, absorbing, how your cells are oxidizing, or whether your nervous system is sympathetic dominant or parasympathetic dominant and more. Blood work is a good screening to see if you have any outstanding results which may inform the doctor to take further action. How many times have you gone to your doctor for your yearly physical and told everything is okay but you feel sick every day with either indigestion, aching of the joints, fatigue, headaches or just feeling depressed or anxiety?

Nutritional Testing For Your Body

Our Nutritional Testing covers many aspects. The changes in the human energy system initially cause functional disturbances that are defined by mainstream medicine as psychosomatic disorders. These changes are caused by poor food choices, stress and anxiety, electro- magnetic fields, pollution, and nutritional deficiencies. Industrialization and urbanization have caused diets to contain more food of animal origin and relatively less food of plant origin that is rich in bioactive compounds. This causes the cells to register an acid ph, poor digestion of protein, a depletion of the detoxification mechanisms, hormonal and bio-energetic malfunction, as well as a higher potential of pro-inflammatory disorders and cancer.

Why You Need Nutritional Testing

nutrition testingThe Bio Nutritional Evaluation is an analysis of urine and saliva that applies the principles of fundamental biochemistry which relate to the elements that make up 97% of the human body. These test values are interrelated and reflect basic body chemistry alignment and body compartments (intracellular, extracellular, blood). They will indicate much sooner than blood chemistry what imbalances and early pathology is in progress. Correcting the abnormal foundational biochemistry will begin the process of restoring balance to the body, mind and spirit.

An example: When you own a swimming pool whether it is above ground or in the ground, it takes a certain amount of maintenance to keep the water clean. The pool water acts like your human body. To maintain your swimming pool, you must routinely check the ph., alkalinity, minerals, and stabilizer as well as have a pool pump and filter to act just like your kidneys to filter the internal environment.

Nutritional health is maintained by a state of equilibrium in which nutrient intake and requirements balance. Malnutrition leads to a succession of metabolic abnormalities, physiologic changes, reduced organ and tissue function, and loss of body mass. 

Benefits of a Bio-Nutritional Testing (Evaluation):

  • It offers a natural approach to health
  • It helps balance body chemistry
  • The recommendations treat the cause of the problem, not the symptoms
  • You will receive suggestions for changing diet and stress levels
  • It is a cost-effective way to monitor your health status
  • The advice given helps guide you to select better micronutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids
  • The suggestions assist the body in cleansing, detox, and rest organs of elimination so that your body can process toxins and effectively eliminate the normal metabolic waste.
  • It allows you to control heavy metals, chemicals, and allergies and hormones

The Top 6 Health Risks That Plaque the U.S. are as follows:

Heart Disease! Diabetes! Alzheimer’s! Stroke! Mental Disease! Insomnia

It is inevitable that you may be a candidate for the one of the above. Due to hereditary disorders, nutritional habits, lifestyle abuse as well as mental duress, these conditions can become a reality!!! Learn how to balance your chemistry before you get one of these diseases!

“It just might be the best investment in your health you’ll ever make!”