Privacy Policy

NutraOrgana, LLC respects our customers’ privacy. This policy describes our commitment to keeping that information secure.How Information is Collected and Used NutraOrgana, LLC, will never give away information about our users.

Information collected is used to deliver the most effective content to our web site visitors. NutraOrgana, LLC collects information in order to gauge page popularity, analyze traffic patterns on our site and guide development of other improvements to our web site. Any e-mails sent to us, which provide personally identifiable information about yourself, will be used exclusively to respond to your inquiry. We will not sell, rent or otherwise disclose that information to third parties. Due to the fact that some of the information you provide may not be encrypted, NutraOrgana, LLC cannot guarantee the confidentiality of all the information during transmission.Use of Cookies Cookies are an industry standard means of maintaining security and facilitating user sessions throughout the pages and activities on a website. Temporary cookies are loaded on the user’s memory and deleted when the user ends the session. NutraOrgana, LLC may collect cookies on this website to capture information about page visits. This information is anonymous and used for internal purposes only.

Concerned users can configure their browser to prompt them if a cookie is requested. If they deny accepting the cookie they may not be able access or use all the site functions that would otherwise be available.

Use and Retention of Personal Information Examples of “use” of this information that you have given voluntarily are: marketing, informing you of promotions, responding to questions, complying with our legal obligations, or staffing needs.

Sharing your Personal Information with Others NutraOrgana, LLC will not share or sell your information with any person or entity other than one of its subsidiaries, affiliates and representatives unless we have your permission to do so or in accordance with the terms of this policy. Examples of when we share information are:

  • Independent brokers to whom we have forwarded your information to for follow up where you have expressed an interest.
  • orange_arrowor Third parties will only be provided such information as is necessary in the specific circumstances included in this policy.
  • orange_arrowWe will share information with third parties where we are compelled by law to do so.

Security of your Personal Information After NutraOrgana, LLC has collected your personal information, we use both physical and electronic security methods to retain your information securely. We only allow authorized personnel to access information collected from our website.

In connection with any application, request or inquiry you make, some information may be made available to NutraOrgana, LLC affiliates some of which will be based in countries that do not have privacy laws.

NutraOrgana, LLC advocates that people carefully consider what information they share and who they share it with. We recommend that everyone develop good security habits. These include protecting and regularly changing your password, using computer virus protection, logging off when you finish using your computer, and consider the use of file or email encryption programs.

This policy may be updated as industry practices change and develop. Any such posted changes will be effective upon posting. Your continued access to and/or use of this site constitutes your assent to, and acceptance of, this policy and all posted changes.

Thank you for visiting our site.