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This new book by Dr Larry is sure to get you giddy with laughter. Don’t read it though if you have no interest in changing your life.


Nutrition Testing For Life

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On Doctor Recommended Nutritional Evaluations


Bio-Nutritional Evaluation 

Right now, you can get your health in check with an extensive bio-nutritional testing of your urine and saliva and find out what you need to do to get your health back on track. Book now whilst our prices are low. Nutritional Testing could save your life.

Everything In Once PlacE

The One Stop Holistic Nutritional Consultation

Getting your life back on track with a natural and holistic plan developed just for you and according to your body’s needs through our nutrition testing service and free consultation.

Bio Nutritional

Your nutrition could be at the root of all your health issues. Why not have your nutrition evaluated using a simple non invasive test using your saliva and urine.

Holistic Supplements

We formulate our own holistic supplements and have them carried in stores. However, you can get them right here shipped to you free.

AMP Coil

We are ahead of the curve when it comes to health. We can use your. voice patterns to analyse any health issues and help develop a holistic plan.

The Magic Of Healing Out Now

Warning: This book could seriously change your life.


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“Since going to see Dr Larry, I have been having amazing results with my sleeping and my digestion. I can’t explain it, but I am amazed at how my nutrition has played a major role in my health. “

Fred A

“I have been suffering from terrible leaky gut issues with pain and anxiety. Since doing the nutritional consult with Dr Larry and following his Auto Immune plan, i feel like a new person.”

Manny B

Body Talk !

Body Talk !

Let me first start off saying before we get into the explanation of Body Talk. Its foundation was derived originally from Applied Kinesiology. This system was developed by Dr George Goodheart, a Chiropractic physician who taught this method to thousands of...

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Voice Analysis For Health Problems

Voice Analysis For Health Problems

Voice Analysis For HealthVoice Analysis Technology - A new inventive way to get a myriad of information to support your health status!!!Is this a new health fad or is there a sound basis for healing within your voice, and pardon the pun. There is a growing trend is...

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Healing and How The Body Heals Itself!

Healing and How The Body Heals Itself!

The body is a powerhouse of energy, both physical, emotional and spiritual. Consequently, when the body becomes out of balance with its energy systems, then trouble will ensue as one imbalance will lead to another that will inevitably result in the manifestation of...

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