nutrition evaluation
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Nutritional Evaluation is an analysis of urine and saliva that applies the principles of fundamental biochemistry which relate to the elements that make up 97% of the human body. These values are interrelated and reflect basic body nutritional alignment compartments (intracellular and, extracellular. Bio Nutritional testing is not concerned with looking for symptoms but rather measuring the physical energy of the body. The body is composed of oxygen, water, and minerals. It is important for us to keep the proper balance of each in order for us to maintain 100% vitality.

Energy is created from the food we eat. Deplete the minerals in the body and cause a loss of reserve energy along with improper rest puts the body in an unhealthy state. The emotional state of a person such as harboring of Hate, Anger or Resentment can likewise cause changes in the body chemistry and lower one’s immunity!!

The Bio Nutritional Evaluation encompasses the following analysis:

  • · Ph of Urine and Saliva(Buffering Minerals and Metabolic Enzymes)
  • · Carbohydrate metabolism
  • · Urine Nitrates(Protein Concentration)
  • · Urine Ammonia ( Toxic Waste)
  • · Oxidative Stress and inflammation
  • · Salt Concentration from mineral metabolites
  • · Cellular Energy
  • · Cell membrane integrity
  • · GI absorption
  • · Organ Stress
  • · Specific Gravity(Kidney filtration)

Correcting the abnormal foundational nutritional needs of an individual will begin the process of restoring balance to the body, mind and spirit. An overall picture of your health status in 1 test. Each individual has a unique body chemistry and each test is individualized to his or her needs

Benefits of a Bio-Nutritional Evaluation:

– It offers a natural approach to health

– It helps balance body chemistry

– You will receive suggestions for changing diet and stress levels

– It is a cost effective way to monitor your health status

– The advice given helps guide you to select better micronutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids

– The suggestions assist the body to cleanse and detox your organs of elimination so that your body can process toxins and effectively eliminate the normal metabolic waste.

– It allows you to control heavy metals, chemicals, and allergies and hormones.

It can help the body support virus, bacteria and fungus and heavy metals.

Increased Energy,Better Sleep, Anti -Aging, Prevention of new health problems and support of existing one's.

Monitoring of the body to find imbalances before you get the condition.

Save $$$ on taking nutritional supplements you don' really need.

Specific dietary alterations based on your current health conditions

Report given which shows your personal nutritional values, and for every positive finding, there is an explanation to what possible symptoms you may have.

Free email questions answered about your health concerns.

Good health doesn't cost, It pays!!