Have you considered having a free nutritional consultation to find out what may be your nutrition issues? This is not a nutrition test, this is a free one to one nutrition consultation with me. We will talk about your health concerns and find out what may be affecting you within your nutrition.

Nutritional Consultation To Target Root Cause Of Illnesses

Most of your illnesses can be traced to bad nutrition and it is clear that good nutrition can heal you from many ailments in your life. You have heard the saying “You are what you eat!” well if you eat healthily, you will be healthy and if you eat a poor nutritional diet, then you will have problems within your body.

Frequently Asked Questions About A Nutritional Consultation

Nutritional Consultations FAQ

What is a Nutritional Consultation?

A Nutritional Consultation is an overview of your health history, the present medications and nutrition you are taking at this time, your present health condition, and your current dietary intake. It also includes a discussion of what previous treatments you have undergone. We will be reviewing your whole health history in depth so that we can get a true understanding of your nutritional requirements and health concerns. We will also be educating you how to prevent disease in the body as you age.

Why would I want to have a Nutritional Consultation?

If you have a chronic health condition such as an autoimmune disorder, you need guidance to help you regain your health. We want to help you uncover the root cause of your imbalance. Maybe you do not have a chronic health condition, but instead you are having some health challenges such as fatigue, memory issues, or trouble sleeping. A nutritional consultation can help determine the cause. We will help guide you to determine a holistic approach to bring your back to homeostasis that is customized for your biochemistry and body systems.

What can I expect to learn from a Nutritional Consultation?

A Nutritional Consultation will determine the key stressors for your body, certain nutritional tips that may improve your health, and a health plan of therapy to improve your health status.

How should I prepare for my Nutritional Consultation?

Before the consultation, you will receive a questionnaire via email. Please be thorough with your answers and make sure to include any additional information that may be relevant to your specific situation. You are welcome to include any blood test results that you have or other testing that you have incurred.

How many appointments will I need?

You will typically need one initial appointment and then one follow up visit within a month or so to determine how you are doing.  Then, we can usually do follow up visits every four months to keep you healthy and balanced.

How much is a nutritional consultation?

The fee per hour is normally $100 and per half hour is $60. We are offering a current special of $79 to new clients who are looking to start their journey to regain your health!  We are also currently offering a free 15 minute consultation in order to see if we are a fit for your health goals.

Can I schedule a nutrition counseling appointment online?

Yes, you can schedule an appointment by going to our on-line appointment calendar at www.nutraorgana.com