You suffer from sleep issues and are deprived of that special process that is a great healer, developing insomnia related issues and causing havoc within your life. Insomnia is a potential killer and therefore you also need to understand the emotional effects of sleep deprivation

Emotional Effects of Sleep Deprivation and How to Prevent Sleep Issues.

Insomnia is an acquired condition caused by emotional duress.  The insomniac not knowing what is happening is experiencing a wide and varied list of emotions such as; anxiety, tension, and negative expectations. The traits of these individuals have a deep fear of letting go and have a hard time relaxing because they don’t trust life, nor people and react to things in a very negative way.

They have an inability to release the dramas or affairs of their daily activities.  They feel like they have to have control of everything pertaining to their life or chaos will occur. They are undergoing subconscious shock, fear, and grief over things that go wrong in their life.  Usually, this learned habit is learned from a dysfunctional family.

They embellish all the wrongdoings of their life, consequences, and failures.  They feel somewhat intensely threatened situations. They have an inability to love themselves, trust love and to trust life.  As they grew up they were overwhelmed with their life and being blamed and accepted the misery and guilt.

This pertains to some, not all person’s that have insomnia. Sometimes there are medical conditions that don’t allow for good REM sleep. Altered circadian cycles and alpha wave rhythms can also alter sleep patterns and need to be re-programmed through various holistic methods.

So What Can We Do About The Emotional Effects Of Sleep Deprivation

The first thing we have to do is to rule out simple factors and how those factors may cause your sleep deprivation. Your nutrition could be a major player in the negative effects of your Insomnia related issue. Therefore, one of the first things we employ is the Bio-Nutritional Evaluation where we find out more about your nutritional value in your body by testing samples of your spit and urine. This starts to give us a major indication wherein the nutritional chain you may be lacking.

Voice Analysis to understand your sleep deprivation

Using our Amp Coil, we can talk with you on the phone, video or conference app and take measurements of your voice patterns which give us a unique insight into your energetic patterns and issues within your physical, emotional and mental faculties. This groundbreaking treatment is very unique but has a high degree of success and efficacy.

How Does It Work?

Voice analysis technology measures the inflections and irregularities in the vibrations of your speech, and these irregularities often reflect unhealthy stresses and patterns present in your organs and body systems. The voice analysis is based upon the same technology utilized in the original lie detector test, and it can be used as an alternative to the galvanic skin response polygraph tests used by police and federal investigators. Voice analyzers provide real-time feedback on body activity based upon advanced algorithms which then track the signals coming from the body. This is called biofeedback.

Nutraorgana is ahead of the curve

We have been experiencing such a high degree of success with our Sweet Dreams product and our nutritional and voice measurement analysis that we are convinced we can help you with your sleep deprivation and related Insomnia. We can get your life back and stop sleep deprivation for good.