According to a report by EWG, 40% Americans have dietary intakes of essential vitamins that are below the average requirement for their age and gender. These figures are more alarming as we move down the age bracket.

Doctors, physicians and nutritionists often advise to increase the intake of nutrition if we want to stay fit and healthy. But what does this mean? What is the right nutrition, or nutritional consulting? Is it worth the money? Who should undergo this consulting?

If you have all these questions in mind, you are not alone. NutraOrgana addresses all your concerns, right here.

What Is Nutrition and Nutritional Consulting?

In the simplest of words, nutrition is the process of obtaining minerals from healthy food. Nutrients are components that different organisms, just like you, need to survive and grow. These include minerals, vitamins, enzymes and a lot more.

But all foods are not equal in nutrition. In fact, some contain preservatives, additives and other ingredients that are unhealthy for our body.

This is where nutritional consultation comes. Think of it as a counseling session for your body where an expert tells you which food is best for you.

While there are certain foods that are beneficial for everyone, considering the diseases, physical conditions or health related problems, advice and recommendations are highly personalized.

Who Needs Nutritional Consultation?

  • People who are obese and overweight (Nutritional evaluation for weight loss)
  • People who are more prone to diseases (Inherent diseases that run in families; like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc.)
  • People who have food allergies and other medical conditions
  • People who simply want to stay healthy

For some, it’s a necessity; for others, it’s a choice. Regardless of the reasoning, you cannot deny that timely care today can prevent future health-related problems.

How Does It Work?

Here at NutraOrgana, we provide in-person and phone consultation. Although we recommended the former, phone consultation is still very popular for those who have a busy schedule.

Each session is personalized, according to a person’s need and depending on the severity of the problems can take from 60 minutes to more. The process is very simple. Usually, consultants will inquire about your family’s health, medical history, current lifestyle /dietary habits, past medical reports (if you have any) and other factors.

As a result, you will be provided with recommendations, diet plans, courses that will help you improve your overall health. We also have follow up sessions where our consultants assess your progress, address any questions or concerns and make changes to the plans, if necessary.

What Are the Benefits?

Benefits of undergoing nutritional consultation include better physical condition, mobility, mental health, and less risk of developing diseases. These benefits are gradual.

Now that you know all about nutritional consultation and how it’s beneficial, take the first step towards a healthy lifestyle with our phone and in person consultation services. You can find out more here.