Let us help you Regain Your Health!

Welcome to NutraOrgana – Your partner in finding a personalized path to wellness!

Founded by Dr. Larry Martin, NutraOrgana offers natural health solutions based on the understanding that everybody has unique body chemistry. Dr. Larry is a retired Chiropractor and Naturopathic physician who obtained over 40 years’ experience treating people with natural protocols and remedies. He is now offering his signature Bio-Nutritional Evaluation which will help you to restore your health! In addition, Dr. Larry offers his expertise in the form of personalized Nutritional Consultations for a variety of health ailments.

The Bio-Nutritional Evaluation is a comprehensive tool for health as it offers:

  • The breakdown of the bio-chemical values through an analysis of urine and saliva
  • Customized dietary and nutritional protocols based on individual values and data
  • A consultation with Dr. Larry to review the findings

It is easy. It is effective. And more importantly, it is convenient. All of our services can be done from the comfort of your own home, and you will get your complete protocol emailed to you.